Dumar, son of Kelvar
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Eldad, Österland
Date of Birth (Age 17)
Home The Myrkwood
Alias Dumar Myrkson
Physical Description
Race Human, midgardian
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
House / Clan Fire Tribe
Family Members Kelvar jarl (father)
Occupation Freebooter
Loyalty ?

Dumar, son of Kelvar is a midgardian assassin of the Fire Tribe. His father was Kelvar jarl, leader of the Fire Tribe, however his mother was said to be a wraith who visited the jarl in one night. Because of this stigma, Dumar has been labeled as a jinx on the tribe and cast out at an early age into the Myrkwood.

There in the Myrkwood, Dumar found the dark elf queen, Helvighym. She trained him in the shadowy ways of the svartalfar and just as quickly, set him free.

He is a traveling companion of Afvaldr, son of Helga.


Youth and Helvighym

The Drake of Maskli

Hiisi the Bodythief

Dumar and Afvaldr sailed with the Dragon's Breath to the village of Denby. Olrik and his crew have arrived during the village's Elkfest where the village headman has sent his greatest hunter to kill the demon-elk, Kanickefångst. Olrik had arrived to receive the golden antlers of the beast and take them to Thulgard to be presented to King Harald the Deathdrinker.

Dumar spoke with a young man, Hrogar, son of Ilfar, who spoke to him of the festival. Dumar contested in rock throwing and impressed some with his cunning of skipping the rock to its distance. Dumar soon left the village, after some drink, and into the woods to find the demon-elk. He instead found a wandering troll and Dumar played tricks on the troll until the assassin was caught in his own trap. The troll introduced himself as Aurgelmir and said he was searching for the village hunter to stop him from killing the sacred elk. Together, they found a trail, but it was too late and the elk was already felled.

The next day, Dumar was told by Olrik that they were leaving with the tide and Afvaldr was staying behind. After Aurgelmir cam into town to trade, a horn was sounded and the headman's second announced the retirement of the headman Hauk, son of Hrodi, and the implementation of the new headman, Afvaldr, son of Helga.

Dumar confronted Afvaldr to find him very different and demanded answers. Afvaldr demanded he leave the hall and when Dumar refused, sent his guards to attack him. Dumar survived only after the intervention of the troll Aurgelmir. They followed the fleeing Afvaldr to a shrine of Malja in a well below the hall and discovered the demon Hiisi who had taken over the shaman's body. They defeated the demon and both Dumar and Aurgelmir left on the Dragon's Breath with Olrik, the sleeping body of Afvaldr and the golden antlers.


Dumar clothes himself in the black cloaks of the svartalfar.

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