Druidic language

The druidic language is a secret language taught only to and by druids. The language is derived from elven and was constructed to allow communication between druids without the interposing ears of fey intercepting messages.

The alphabet used for this language is a series of straight and diagonal lines used to carve into rocks and trees. The language is mostly used to record sacred information, rituals, and secrets into the very natural world itself.


Common Druidic
Hello Dydh dá
Goodbye Duw génes
Sorry Gav dhýmm
Thank you Meur rás
Help! Gweres!
Yes ya
No na
Druid Derowed
tree gwedhen
moon loor
wizard pellar
spell pell
forest koos
plant les (male), los (female)
treant sehen
Danger peryl
safe salow
Food boos
Travel viajya
River avon
Fire tan
Weather awel
Friend/ally/Companion koweth
Aberration hunlev
Storm hager awel
Lightning luhesen
Wind gwyns
Rain glaw
Animal enyval
Mammal bronnvil
lizard pedrevan
fish pysk
bird edhen
insect pryv
spider kevnisen
Mushroom skavel
Good da
Bad drog
Sun howl
Star(s) steren (pl. sterennow)
Sky ebron
Day dydh
Night nos
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