Druids are the servants and defenders of the primal spirits.

Some druids refer to the energy they wield as the Breath.



Four Brothers Era

5th Century Reformation

At this time, druidism was being performed by many different races and was commonplace in Ilefain. During this time it is seen as a feminine profession, with druidism taking a matriarchal form. Several different druid enclaves took form during this time, many of them not seeking eye to eye in their values, leading to many battles between them.

After the Hellgate Wars, the Church of Light began inquisitions against devil worshipers and witches, leading many female druid leaders to be arrested for witchery.

Notable druid groups at this time include:

The Golden Druid Age of Caltirech

Druid Enclaves

Druidic enclaves keep their own society and are exempt from Noran law.

The Old Path

see Old Path

Otherwise known as the Hyned Hynt. An elven druid enclave that believe all other races are helping to destroy nature.

Speakers of Nature

see Speakers of Nature

Vermin Lords

see Vermin Lords

Lead by driders, these druids dwell in the dark places of the world.

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