Drow Names

Drow Names are long compared to humans and convey much information about that drow's societal standing.

They have four distinctive parts, personal name, family name, House name and position House name. There are certain leading houses within a drow city that other houses serve.


Names are divided by certain qualifiers or prefixes that indicate position and rank.

Qualifier Meaning
do' Indicating house or family. Neutral position. Used either with those most familiar to the named or to outsiders not familiar with drow names.
d' Indicating house or family. Denotes leader or elite position.
du' "servant of". Indicating house or family. Denotes a middle rank.
dre' "slave of". Indicating family. Denotes low rank. Never used for house, unless to insult.
sil' Indicating priesthood. Used with house or family. Sometimes used before the name of a deity, thus severing loyalty to house and family. This is seen as rogue-ish.
zan' "servant of". Indicating loyalty other than house or family. The Zanaph use this to signify their loyalty.
ola' Indicating a nethermancer.
ze' Indicating an arcane spellcaster, other than nethermancers.
zru' Indicating standing military.
a' "of the family". Used for formality or those unfamiliar with the drow's home city.
che' "of the city". Used for formality or those unfamiliar with the drow's home city.
sus' denotes the name of another drow. Used for formality or those unfamiliar with the drow's home city.
ur' "of the house". Used for formality or those unfamiliar with the drow's home city.


Graxxek d'a'Uldren dre'ur'Uzra zru'du'ur'Exarz

Graxxek's name tells us that he is an elite member of a low ranking family (Uldren) in the service to House Uzra. From his name we know that as part of that service, he serves in the standing army of the powerful House Exarz. Speaking to a drow familiar with the House structure of the city, Graxxek might state his name as Graxxek d'Uldren zru'Exarz, or simply Graxxek d'Uldren.

Levilresh sil'Shaydis zan'ur'Tezar d'che'Brekathra

Levilresh is a priestess of Shaydis, serving as a mercenary to the powerful House Tezan, leader of the city of Brekathra.

Druz zan'sus'Braxa ze'd'a'Uzra d'ur'Uzra du'ur'Exarz du'ur'Tezan d'che'Brekathra

When Druz presents his name this way, it announces that he is an arcane spellcaster in service to the arcanist named Braxa. Braxa is then described as a high ranking member of the Uzra family, leader of a House that serves the powerful House Exarz, which in turn serves Tezan, the leading House in Brekathra. Druz's own family name and House name are not mentioned. Were Druz to be more humble, such as when facing a superior wizard from the House of Tezan, he might introduce himself as Druz zan'Braxa.

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