Drow (sylvan: Doihrog) are a race of humanoids that were once eladrin. Choosing to migrate away from the Twilithe in order to explore the planes, a group of eladrin became trapped in the Shadowvast and waged a war on the native Shadar-kai. As the war raged and the eladrin began utilizing shadow magic to fight, they began a change into the race they are today.


The Zhennu Juss'a

The wandering of the planes.

Doihrog Cult

see The Gwerin Plagues

The Doihrog ("from the darkness")

The Search for the Hand


Drow civilizations

Drow in Nora live in independent city-states. In other places, they may control larger areas, even full kingdoms.

City States

Other areas

  • Athykian Empire: Drow in Lorasia are known as Winter Elves. They migrated over from Midgard long ago and once built the impressive Athykian Empire, covering most of Lorasia. The empire was overthrown by both eladrin and dragons. The truth is every drow knows a secret pain and agony for they know their last Empress will likely die within their lifetime, and with her the doom of all their people. The drow face imminent extinction, a fact which weighs on the mind of even the most carefree and debauched of their number causing them to be bitter and angry and look everywhere for enemies to blame, targets upon which to vent their rage. The drow have a hatred for dragons and dragonborn.
  • Myrkwood
  • Tír Áthaisling

Drow Craft


Us'Arvh - A typical us'arvh is 50-60 cm in length and is composed of three main parts: the hilt, a straight and unsharpened section of blade finishing in a curved crescent shape with the sharpened edge. The us'arvh evolved from the epsilon or similar crescent shaped axes that were used in warfare. This makes the us'arvh not a true sword (which evolved from daggers), but a specialized battle-axe. However, unlike an axe, the us'arvh did not make push-cuts, but rather slashes.


In addition to their love of manipulating darkness, drow have an appreciation for the animation of constructs. Discovering an animate stone called blackstone, the drow have been able to animate dinnerware, chairs, tables, stages and even entire buildings. They create guardians including the enormous Blackstone Gigants and even attach blackstone to themselves as replacement limbs. Even thought those with blackstone grafts slowly go insane, the practice continues to be popular.



Now, after having come to adnas, they live underground, where the light they have shunned cannot reach them. They relish their mastery over shadow and hate any who may rival them, including the hated Shadar-kai.


The Veldruk are the masters of shadow. They are feared for both their power and the fearsome nature of their Shadowbeasts (fuer'yonbarra).


Zanaph are traditional elite drow bodyguards, servants and prostitutes. They individually are hired to serve a single charge (usually to a child by their parents) and perform any duty required of them, most often protecting them from enemies and providing sexual pleasure. Male zanaph are the majority, but female zanaph are also known to exist.

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