Drakan is a lich, the remnant soul of a once great healer.

He was a trained healer by profession, but was noted by his teachers to be in possession of, ‘An disturbing obsession into the workings of suffering and death’. He conducted numerous experiments regarding mutation and pain, firstly on harmless animals in the village where he lived. When the village people started to ask questions about the startling number of missing animals, he moved-up to the next stage of his twisted work – human experimentation. Fortunately for the village people, he found working with humans to be too troublesome, and he resumed his experiments on animals.

But his dark deeds weren’t entirely-unnoticed. Villagers that went to him to seek cures for their ailments and maladies found that a peculiar odor lingered about his house cum workplace, and that his laboratory, once open to the public, was now behind a locked door. One day, while he was out on a journey, the villagers banded together and broke into his locked laboratory. The door was sealed with a Death spell, but they managed to cast a Life spell on the door, and open it.

What they found within the vast room shocked them into horror and sorrow.

The laboratory reeked of embalming alcohol, and was filled with dozens of jars, all filled with the dismembered parts of animals. Some animal parts had been sewn together and had scorch marks, as though he had tried to re-make an animal out of parts from several others. Other jars contained animal foetuses and, the most disturbing of all, entirely new animals, which had never walked the earth before.

They only really became horrified, when they found the pile of shoes and clothes in a dusty corner of the laboratory. It was then that the villagers realized the identity of the thing that had been snatching sleeping children from their beds at night. Tears flowed freely as parents found a sock, shoe or tunic that they recognized as their child’s.

Further searching of the laboratory located a thick, leather bound journal. The reading of the entries within, proved without a doubt that the missing children had been killed as the subjects of sick experiments of necromancy and hybrid cross-breeding.

When the mage returned, he managed to grab his journal and escape from his burning laboratory and the enraged villagers. He settled down eventually in Tir'Ein, where he resumed his experiments in a palace beneath several sinkholes, one of which was guarded by a giant ankheg.

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