Drak Osayli
Drak Osayli
Type Wizard Circle
Leaders The Black Waltzes
Alignment Neutral
Headquarters Jaress
Goals ?
Scope National
Structure ?
Members Several hundred

"Although ill-suited for wielding weapons, Black Mages easily bend destructive black magic spells to their will."

The Drak Osayli, otherwise known as the Dragon Court or the Black Mages, is a renowned wizard circle headquartered in Jaress, Ilefain. They are one of the two biggest wizard circles in Ilefain, the other being the Order of Agapetheon. The members of the circle often wear a distinctive long black coat and pointed yellow hat which can obscure the face, a trademark of the group, leading to their nickname, the black mages.

The Drak Osayali specialize in elemental magic. The three archamges of the circle are known as the Black Waltzes.



The Black Waltzes

The three black waltzes are the leaders of the Dragon Court and arguably them most powerful and influential magic users in all of Nora, and perhaps beyond. However, due to the precious nature of their positions, their identities are kept secret. The appear in public only in their magical winged disguises which masks their faces and voices. Individually they are referred to as numbers.


Arcane Merchantile

The black mages have a monopoly on the magical item market due to government contract. They are the only group exempt from the Knights Merchant tax and as such need to be extra careful when traveling. They move in groups of at least three, this scares off most potential highwaymen.

Magical Innovations

Black Mages are noted for their "twin spell" style, capable of chaining spells together for deadly effect.


It is rumored that the black mages have roots with the dragon-king. This is unclaimed and the Black Waltzes deny the accusations.

Notable Members

Historical members

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