Dragoon Knights
Dragoon Knights
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The Noran High Royal Knightly Order of Dragoons is a knightly order dedicated to keeping the High Crown's interests and security across Nora.

Members of the order are known as Dragoon Knights also known as Lancers, or simply Dragoons. They are special knights that equip spears to attack. They wear heavy armor that is modified to resemble a dragon. They are famous for their leaping abilities, some being able to jump ten feet into the air without a running start. They use this ability to leap into the air during battles and crash into enemies, plunging their spears into them causing great damage.

Dragoons, having connections with dragons, are often thought of as noble and virtuous, and this is certainly true of good dragoons. It is known that there are many human dragoons, and it is not unknown for elven or half-elven dragoons to exist.


House of Highwind

see House of Highwind

House of Crescent

see House of Crescent


Each flight was a Company that numbered 100 men lead by a Major.

Adamantine Flight

Formerly the Black Flight, located in Calori.

Blue Flight

Located in Jaress and lead by the powerful Bernard Highwind.

Green Flight

Located in Ildrad Zinthys.

Red Flight

Located in Alexandria.

White Flight

Located in Vyknir within castle-glittering. It is lead by Colonel Morgens Grimlot, a half orc.

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