Dragonfly Island

Dragonfly Island, or Nadoz-Aer Douar, is a floating earthmote that slowly travels in the skies above Nora. The earthmote is kept airborne due to a network of ritual seals created by the native gnomes.

It is named after the general shape of the island with most of the land mass roughly round, a section "tails" off behind.



Beacán Menez

Found on the tail end of Dragonfly Island, these hills are covered with mushrooms that grow up to fifteen feet tall.

Kalz Noz

Also known as the Deep Down, the tunnels under Dragonfly Island were created to facilitate the ritual seals that keep the island afloat. Now, nearly the entirety of the tunnels are the realm of the grells.


Once another beautiful gnome city, now ancient ruins, felled by the lifting of the mote. Half of the once proud city lies under Loch Glas.


The City in the Sky, Talamh-ráth is the only large settlement on the island.

Wild Magic

Due to a brief war between the gnomes and the grells, the ritual seals began to act erratically and cause a number of wild magic manifestations.

Fire Storms

On rare occasions, the clouds above Dragonfly Island glow red and rain literal fire. This causes serious damage to the animal and plant life on the island as well as Talamh-ráth itself.

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