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Aliases Clockwork City
Size Large City
Location Lamarupta, Ibben,
Ruler ?
Population 14,100
Exports ?

Dragoneve (drag-kon-AY-vay) is a large city in Ibben, Tir'Ein. It is located on the eastern edge of the northern coast of the region, along the Blue Regal. It is known widely as the Clockwork City due to the city's amazing features; the greatest of which is the revolving rings that the inner city is built upon making the city's layout ever changing. Though it is rumored that the mechanical underbelly of the city is plagued with gremlins.

It is one the biggest ports on the Bluog Seirff Sea and a known leader in mechanical innovations. It is home to the Dragoneve School of Artifice. The city is famed for its clockmakers who create pocket watches and clocks of many sizes. Many of the clocks seen in other cities originated from Dragoneve.



Aquarian Invasions

First fortress, was built in 773 PI to rout the Aquarians.

The Rebellion of the Yellow Sashes

Around 538 PI, the rebel half elf Nethrim Istok lead Lamarupta in rebellion.

Tyranny of the Knights

In 477, the knights took over the city, and ruled with an iron fist.

Noran Alliance


Defenses and defense groups


Lake Cerbcădere

see Lake Cerbcădere

A lake of the Blue Regal. An elder water elemental lives in the lake, slumbering until it is time to awaken and destroy.



Three districts

  • Oldtown
  • Fortress Hill
  • Crescent


A distinct feature of the town is the trams, railed cars that move people around free of cost.

Important locations

Temples and other organizations

Notable residents

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