The Dragonarchs are primordial beings who taught the Twelve Walkers how to create life. Classically numbered at fifteen, the Dragonarchs each made a breed of dragon to perform a duty to the world, some more heinous than others.

After the lesson of life was taught to the Walkers, the Dragonarchs left to a mysterious location. They returned later, after the Walker's children had been fighting for ages. In their anger at the misguided use of their lesson, the Dragonarchs let out a shrill keen, or some say a mighty roar, that shattered the world and separated the planes.

Although no holy text mentions it, popular belief holds that after the Dragonarchs broke the world, they lied down to die and their immense corpses hardened and became the Wyrmspire Montains. The only Dragonarch left was Kerrian, Queen of Reds, who wanders the earth to this day sowing misery. They location of Kerrian's promised grave is said to be the valley Dra’kost Udoli.

List of Dragonarchs

Kerrian, Queen of Reds

Veshner, Tyrant of Blues

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