Dragon King
The Dragon Kings
* Aureapatrus, the Golden
Lord of Mount Alba
* Sessun, the Deep One
Lord of the Unseen Isle
* Vaporal the Red
Lord of Mount Carrocas
* Ghlorofaex the Blue
Lord of Dragon Mountain
* Arkrhyst the White
Lord of Mount Viers
* Telumortimus the Green
Lord of Astrid's Dagger
* Ultimus Caligus the Black
Lord of Windsong Peak

The Dragon Kings of Altas-Ventia (Dracorexium) were the eight dragon rulers of the ancient kingdom of Altas-Ventia. At the fall of that kingdom around __, the Dragon Kings knew the kingdom was falling. To make sure their legacy lived on, each begot an egg that would hold the future of their kingdom. These eggs would remain in hibernation for "one lifetime", then hatch and reclaim their kingdom.

These eggs are now referred to as the Dragon Kings and an underground society guards them until they hatch. However, one has already hatched, becoming corrupted by the Pyramid and is now Rhythm, the Sapphire.

Each Dragon King has a representative to the outside world known as an exterus, or dragonkith.

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The Pyramid successfully corrupted one of the Dragon King's eggs to create Rhythm, the Sapphire.

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