Draconic Language

—Draconic greeting

The Draconic language, also called High Draconic, is a language spoken by dragons and draconic creatures. It was also the official language of the Aquarian Empire. The letters of the language are called logos (singular logo).


Common Draconic
Yes Ita
No Minimē
Hello Heus
Goodbye Valē
Sorry Paenitet me
Thank you Grātias
Can you help me? Me adiuvāre potes?

Yes and no

In High Draconic, there are no words exactly corresponding to "yes" and "no". Non and ne are negatives, but they need to combine with other words (like "not" in common).

There are, however, particles which can be used to agree with something. Both ita and sīc meant "thus", and became words for "yes" in the draconic languages. So if someone asked if you were lost, for example, you could respond "Ita!" ("It is so!"). For a stronger "yes", add vērō ("truly").

"No" on its own is a bit more unwieldy to express. Minimē is "not at all", minimē vērō even stronger. Negō means "I deny it!", nōlī is "don't!".

Another way to respond to a yes/no question is to repeat the verb, in the positive for "yes" and in the negative for "no". So if someone asked "are you lost?" you could say "I am" (sum) or "I'm not" (non sum).

Vulgar draconic

Also called low draconic, these are a group of languages that are dialects of High Draconic.

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