Draconians are ancient humanoids created from corrupting a Good-Aligned dragon's egg. Each race of draconians varies according to which egg it is spawned from.


Ancient History

Draconians, or "dragonspawn", were first created in ancient times in the area surrounding the Wyrmspires. Created from stolen metallic dragon eggs and the use of a foul magic ritual, draconians were first envisioned as disposable shock troops. The draconians, however, inherited the intelligence and will to survive of their dragon parents. They were imprisoned in the deep cracks of the earth by the early dwarves of Nora.

It is known that an ancient draconian king named Thasadarius once reigned. His tomb was found in the Zelenen Lake Cave near Ackerburg.

Rise of the Draconians

The imprisoned draconians were later released by the machinations of the red dragon Tugarin Zmeja who wished to use them to reclaim Mount Silene from the Order of Praavda. This draconian army was lead by the magically compelled Merrium Kraemer.

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