Dra'kost Udoli

Also known as the Valley of the Dead.

Deep in the Wyrmspires, this valley stretches where a mountain should lie. It is the mythical site where Kerrian, last of the Dragonarchs is destined to die. However, there are many other attributes to this land that are being contested over.

An army of Devas fight for this valley, believing it to be one of the places where the Dragonarchs taught the Twelve Walkers to be the Higher Gods. Lead by Gevrah (or general) Tabram, a deva of great military talent, he fights to keep the land in the name of the Higher gods.

Marius Frostsong, however, sees Tabram as a heretical madman. The Company of the Red Grave is commanded by Frostsong to ensure the purity of the valley for Kerrian may come at any time, and if the grave site isn’t perfect, she will not lie and live longer to destroy. Marius is resolved to flush out the devas and preserve the site for its destiny.

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