Dong Jin

Dong Jin is the massive capital of Shao-Wei. It became a great Shaoan stronghold after the fall of Chéng Méi Shén Me, the Nothing City.

The city is by far the largest city in the eastern hemisphere, essentially being more of a small country than a mere city. Behind the city wall lies a large expanse of farmland, Lake Shīshou, and several mountains. The wall also encloses the city itself. The city uses a system of dividing the populace into different parts of the city based on social status.

Dong Jin is ancient, arguably one of the oldest settlements in the world. Early in its history, Dong Jin was once simply a small city. The city continued to grow and eventually became the capital of the newly-unified Shao-Wei. Dong Jin, by far the largest city in the east, is gargantuan.

Dong Jin has been hailed in its history as the greatest fortress in the east, having remained unconquered for centuries until the Rokushohi Invasion.

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