Domina es'Porano
Domina es'Porano
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1272
Date of Death (place) 1355 NS (Los Torres)
Buried Crypts of the White Towers
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Family Information
Family Members House es'Andoval

Archduchess Domina es'Porano of Los Torres was the ruler of Arcamino until her death in 1355. She is best known for introducing the Order of St. Eran to Los Torres in 1351

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Archduchess Domina's reign began in _ after she deposed the impostor Duke _ of House _ and set about dismantling his house's presence in Los Torres. Domina was a worshiper of _ and brought with her a closer connection to the new diabolism. Archduchess Domina improved trade relations with places like _, many prominent trading house opened branches in Los Torres during this period. Archduchess Domina used the money raised by this new prosperity to build, she erected many famous Torresian buildings like the _, Temple of _, Domina's Wall and Citadel _.

Archduchess Domina entreated the aid the Order of St Eran. Upon their arrival, the Duchess funded the construction of Citadel _ in the Knight Peaks and requested their aid in harassing and intimidating the growing power of Los Torres' trade rival, _. The order refused, and the Torresian archduchy has begrudged them since.


Archduchess Domina's reign is now looked back on by most residents of Los Torres as a golden age not since repeated. She had two children, Arkapallus, who would later become Ésteban of Arcamino, and the illegitimate, deformed cambion Venster. She is buried in the crypts of the White Towers.

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