A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism.

From a widespread plague to the bite of a dire rat, disease is a serious threat to common folk and adventurers alike. Diseases rarely have a limited frequency, but most have a lengthy onset time. This onset time can also be variable. Most diseases can be cured by a curative medicine and rest or by spells such as remove disease.



see Deathsong Plague

Destroyed two thirds of the population.


Affects only those with elf blood, and even then, mostly those classified as unseelie.

Filth Fever

Dire rats and otyughs spread it. Those injured while in filthy surroundings might also catch it.

Fumos Fever

The sickness that toppled the Aquarian Empire. Causes the victim to choke and breath out black smoke.

Gorgon's Disease

see Gorgon's Disease

A rare disease. Causes the afflicted to slowly petrify from the inside out. Can be contracted by exposure to massive bursts of transmutation magic, long term exposure to gorgon fumes, or consuming of their meat. Stone giants, who eat gorgon, seem immune.


Terrifyingly common throughout Khemet, leprosy is spread by victims of the disease through direct—even casual—contact. Leprosy results in skin lesions, extreme nasal congestion, and wounds that do not heal. A highly visible malady, leprosy can permanently disfigure those who don’t receive magical aid. If left untreated, the victim develops sores and becomes easily fatigued. While leprosy can prove difficult to contract, few overcome the disease once infected. Suffering from a slow deterioration, particularly hardy lepers can remain quite active for years after first exhibiting signs of the disease.


see lycanthropy

Mummy Rot


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