Dire Wolf

A dire wolf was a dire version of a wolf, being a larger and more primitive or feral breed of wolf. An enormous version of a normal wolf, dire wolves represent the wolf in its most primal form. These creatures follow the same basic behaviors of regular wolves, but are much more aggressive. Dire wolves often serve giants as hunting companions and vicious guard animals. Some ferocious humanoids and woodsmen use trained dire wolves as mounts. Darker than normal wolves, dire wolves' coats tend toward blacks and deep mottled grays. An adult dire wolf is typically about 9 feet long and weighs roughly 800 pounds.

Dire wolves were far more aggressive than normal wolves, attacking and killing anything they could catch. They could be found singly as lone wolves or in packs numbering five to eight dire wolves.

Dire wolves fought in packs, fighting efficiently and surrounding their prey and flanking it to gain an advantage. Their bite was their only weapon, but they could drag a creature to the ground once they had gotten a hold of them

They had keen senses, including a sharp sense of smell, allowing them to track their prey by scent. They could also move stealthily on the hunt.

A dire wolf's heart holds great power. If eaten, it provides a creature the Wolf Pack Tactics ability (see above) and the benefits of the Improved Trip feat for 5 minutes.

A dire wolf heart is valued at 900 gp on the open market and may be dried, still preserving its potency.

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