Dijanzi d'Obari
Dijanzi d'Obari
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1263 NS
Home Sheoloth
Aliases The Slut Queen
Titles Queen
Physical Description
Race Drow
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Family Information
Family Members Varshal d'Obari (b 1343)
son (b 1349)
son (b 1352
son (b 1357)
son (b 1366)
Occupation Queen-Mother of Sheoloth
Mistress of Enchantment
Loyalty ?

Dijanzi d'ze'Obari d'che'Sheoloth, better known as Dijanzi d'Obari, the Slut-Queen, is a drow wizard enchantress. She is the Master of Enchantment and the Matron Mother of Sheoloth.

She currently has five sons, though she has given birth to two daughters, they were summarily killed.


Meeting with Ke'Vadar

In 1373, Ke'Vadar came to Sheoloth to ask Dijanzi to rejoin the Council of Nine.

The Broken Council

University of Jaress Massacre

Return of the Council

see The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

Appearance and personality

Dijanzi prefers wearing as little clothing as possible, wearing skimpy leather when meeting with Council members and often either wearing only boots and bottoms, or going nude, when in her throne room.

Dijanzi's skin is flawless due to frequent alchemical treatments. Her one prominent scar is that on her abdomen, received during a caesarean birth of her first son, Varshal d'Obari.

Powers and abilities


Pain mastery

Dijanzi is capable of ignoring a great deal of pain, or even converting that sensation into pleasure.


Dijanzi is voracious in her sexual appetite. She freely mixes sex with violence where relations with her is not often survivable. She receives sexual excitement with the taste of blood and the image of extremely violent imagery. She is pansexual and seems to be willing to copulate with any gender or race, having few (if any) boundaries. She frequently has sex with her eunich sons. She is also reported to have summoned demons (most likely kytons) for the purpose of sexual fulfillment, but this has not been witnessed by any one currently living. She is witnessed to take part in both dominant and submissive roles during sex. She is known to undergo voluntary torture during certain sessions, though she bears no scars due to magical healing.

Though her tastes often lead her opponents to believe she is prone to seduction or ambushes, they always find they are completely wrong. Dijanzi is a cunning opponent and always finds her way on top.

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