Deunym Dhannian
Home Realm Twilithe
Portfolio Forest, Beauty,
Fertility, Love,
Worshipers Rangers, lovers,
youth, hunters,
elves, eladrin
Notable Temples ?
Colors Yellow and Green
Exarchs ?

Dhanni (dwarven, Dali, elven, Blodeuweth) is the higher god of the forest, natural beauty, fertility, love and the hunt. She brought mankind out of the forest and gave him grain and the knowledge of agriculture.

Dhanni is a virgin god and defends her purity with savagery. However, she is the patron of lovers and marriage. She encourages all lovers regardless of sex or race. She, herself, constantly looks for her true love, sometimes taking mortal form to do so, but is doomed to never find it. She always seeks ruthless retribution for crossed lovers and the perversion of the innocent.

She is also the patron and protector of youth and her clergy is dedicated to the development of the young, specially young girls. It has been tradition in most parts of Nora to send a lady who is coming of age to serve in a temple of Dhanni for one year.

Dhanni is the source of herbal healing and knowledge. The also brought mankind the poppy flower and enjoys opium in moderation. She is the patron of hunters and is associated with trees, bears, dogs and stags. She is prone to hunting steadily for weeks at a time with her nymphs.

She is very close to Verai Songbird, though they are not lovers, and they serve and protect each other.

She is also the mother of the elves, eladrin and the fey.

She keeps a celestial winged white stag

Esgobion of Aelwyd

The House of Peace in Aelwyd is home to the royal priests, also known as the Esgobion.




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