Devil's Hand Peninsula
Devil's Hand Peninsula
location in nora
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The Devil's Hand Peninsula is a large peninsula in Canstice. It is considered a cursed land and most civilized races dare not settle on it. It is a gray, rocky wasteland, its skies always black and stormy, with lightning and high winds a constant within the interior. Pools of gray, polluted water cover the landscape.


Midan Rule

Kingdom of Equuirus

Centaur kingdom; three tribes. Also, Humans, Yuan-ti, Devas, Tieflings and Half Orcs.

Sinking Into the Ocean

Opening of the Hellgates


Griffon Islands

A place where griffons nest. These islands are famous for their plentiful gold deposits as well as their danger. The islands are also known for the sphinxes that dwell here.

Mount Demogorgon

Double peaked, this mountains marks the boundary of the peninsula and acts as a warning to those who wish to continue further south.

Mount Gorgoth

The largest mountain in the region, craggy and billowing with poisonous fumes.

Orfallian Islands

Harpies roam here. Very dangerous for ships.

River Skotadi

This river, always shrouded in a misty veil, is said to lead to the realms of the dead. The waters of the river itself is deadly to drink and is plagued with undead monsters in its waters.

Flora and Fauna



Dark Tree

The dark tree resembles a cypress tree, but in its bark is a fiendish, evil-looking face, and two of its branches are gnarled, wooded, spindly arms.

The dark tree dwells in warm forests and waits for intelligent creatures to wander into its midst. It attacks in whatever way it can with its two arm-branches, and once its prey is dead, it drinks their blood.


Large fiendish bats used as mounts.

Hell Hounds


Kolash Pylh

The greatest city on the peninsula. It is home to the Lahment Hellgate.


Once a city held by the minotaurs of the Milistos State, it has since been reduced to rubble by the Athanatos and is now inhabited by Medusas allied with the fiendish powers of the land.


A human city.


The city of the Athanatos State minotaurs.


The Council of Dust and Shadows

Athanatos Minotaurs


Devil Worship


Atra Ferius


A temple sacred to the centaurs and satyrs. One of the last bastions of holy energy on the peninsula. It is home to a powerful creature of stone and earth. The centaurs revere this creature as godlike.

Also found in the temple is a powerful and ancient centaur prophet.

Braes Vigilus

Kaya Ayii Monastery

Home of the Obsidian Moon monks.

Simeon's Tomb

The resting place of a once great conqueror. Now supposedly filled with his treasures. In the Griffin Islands.



Goblins to the very north
Harpies in the western islands and nw coast
Sahuagin on the coasts
Trolls near Fetch Lake
Medusas all over
Minotaurs on the western coasts
Centaurs in the north half
Sphinx on eastern coasts
Fire Giants in south
Lizardfolk in the ne coasts
Gricks in the north
Griffins to the north
Mummies in the north
Sea Cats on the coast
Wyverns in the mountains
Yrthaks in the northern mountains
Dragon Turtles in the eastern sea

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