Deities Table For Pathfinder

The Ingredori

Higher Gods

Deity AL Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Verai Songbird LG Wisdom, Truth, Etiquette, Law, Strategic Battle, Justice and Civilization Community, Glory, Good, Law, War Longsword
Solea Splendis NG Mercy, the oppressed, the injured Good, Healing, Liberation, Luck, Travel Unarmed strike
Urala NG Trade, Seas, Merchants, Sailors, Travelers, Fishermen and Weavers Good, Knowledge, Travel, Water, Weather Trident
Dhanni CG Protector of Children, Forest, Natural Beauty, Fertility, Love, and the Hunt Animal, Chaos, Charm, Good, Plant Longbow
Ornus LN Earth, Steel, Protection and Contest Artifice, Earth, Law, Protection, Rune Greatsword
Damien N Death, Judgment, Peace, Forgiveness, Hygeine, Architecture and the Afterlife Animal, Glory, Knowledge, Protection, Repose Glaive
Yunis and Helos N Magic, Fate, Time, the Sun and Moon and the Natural Order Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Sun Battle Axe
Tala Errin CN Luck, Trickery, Change, Thieves, Storms, Music and Poetry Air, Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Weather Rapier
Legeon LE Wealth, Hate, Prisons, Contracts, Binding Law, Tyranny and the Right of Power Evil, Law, Magic, Nobility, Strength Warhammer
Kalabrath NE Fire, War, Bloodshed, Passion and Excess Destruction, Evil, Fire, Strength, War Spear
Malym NE Misery, Winter and Undeath Death, Evil, Madness, Trickery, Water Flail
Shaydis CE Darkness, Snakes, Murder, Vengeance, Chaos, Lust and the Kitchen Charm, Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery Dagger

Lower Gods


Deity AL Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Kira NG Light, Life, Hearth, Home and Kindness Community, Good, Healing, Sun, Travel Quarterstaff

Other deific powers

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