A List of Deities and Other Beings

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The deities of Nora are separated into several groups. The initial twelve deities, also called the Ingredori are considered the most powerful of all beings by most scholars and are the most widely revered.


Church of Light

see Church of Light

The Church of Light is the major religious organization of Nora. It venerates Dhanni, Kira and Verai Songbird as the purest of the deities and strives to spread an ideal of right and mercy on the populace.

They are headquartered in Temple, Ilefain, but have many major temples all over the western half of Nora.

Dhanni, the Greengiver

see Dhanni

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Protector of Children, Forest, Natural Beauty, Fertility, Love, and the Hunt
Exarchs: Aerven, Zelet

Dhanni is the guardian of the forests, but she is no enemy to humanoids. She gave birth to the eladrin and elves and she looks favorably on all children.

Solea Splendis, the Merciful Hand

see Solea Splendis

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Mercy, the Oppressed, the Injured.
Exarchs: Jean

Solea Splendis is the centered glow of the Church of Light. She came into prominence during the early years of the Severing War with a Holy Bull from the Maxem the Mariner declaring her the new God of Light, replacing the absentee deity, Kira.

Verai Songbird, the Shining One

see Verai Songbird

Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Wisdom, Truth, Etiquette, Law, Strategic Battle, Justice and Civilization.
Exarchs: The Golden Pillars of Secania

Defender of civilization and the righteous hearts of those who work hard and do justly. He is a god of battle, but only for the purposes of fighting for what is right.

Deities of the Gnesis Cults


Damien, Lord of Ravens

see Damien

Alignment: Unaligned
Portfolio: Death, Judgment, Peace, Forgiveness, Hygeine, Architecture and the Afterlife.
Exarchs: Necros

The deity of death is not to be feared, though some do. He is a patron of peace, rest and just rewards. He is the lord of Ravens and is able to see through their eyes. He is also the patron of the insane and protects them from their nightmares.

Kalabrath, Lord Salamander

see Kalabrath

Alignment: Evil
Portfolio: Fire, War, Bloodshed, Passion and Excess.
Exarch: Zuarasici

The Lord of All That Bleeds knows no rest. He is ever moving, eating, lusting and killing. His fire consumes without preference and so to does he kill. Though violence is not his only charge, he is the king of parties and always enjoys a lively time.

Ornus, the Keeper of Steel

see Ornus

Alignment: Unaligned
Portfolio: Earth, Steel, Protection and Contest.
Exarchs: Berehynia, Kessler, Shin Ho

Ever slow to action, the god of earth watches patiently before acting. He is a god of battle and of the battle-fury that one can feel. He is strong and protects all those around him. He is duty and honor, family and safety. His follows are numerous in the east.

Tala Errin, the Perilous Queen

see Tala Errin

Alignment: Unaligned
Portfolio: Luck, Trickery, Change, Thieves, Storms, Music and Poetry.
Exarchs: Arlix, Katrina, Zyphos

Tala Errin is the god of winds and arts. She is always smiling, though not always benevolent. The artist will always suffer, but she ensures it is never in vein. She is also the patron of dreams and the origin of nightmares.

Urala, Princess of Waves

see Urala

Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Trade, Seas, Merchants, Sailors, Travelers, Fishermen and Weavers.
Exarchs: Gizamaluke

Urala wishes for the happy marriage of man and sea. She loves watching sailboats on her waters. She is usually calm, but may be roused to furious anger when needed.

Yunis and Helos, the Weavers

see Yunis and Helos

Alignment: Unaligned
Portfolio: Magic, Fate, Time, the Sun and Moon and the Natural Order.
Exarch: Ion, Ishmahri, Vgir

The twin gods are both family and lovers. They are the eternal sun and moon and the protectors of the World. They maintain the very foundation of natural law, and though their works are always felt, they are usually looked over for more popular gods.


Gods of the Covenant of Flesh

see Covenant of Flesh

The Covenant of Flesh are those who do not wish to be controlled by the gods and wish only to govern themselves. They believe that all life has a divine spark and all they need is to ignite it.

Despite their dislike of gods, they do venerate Legion, Malym and Shaydis as role models and masters, as a knight would a king.

Legeon, the Many-faced

see Legeon

Alignment: Evil
Portfolio: Wealth, Hate, Prisons, Contracts, Binding Law, Tyranny and the Right of Power.
Exarch: Belsaba, Hazine

Protector of Kings and the wealthy. Legeon is the guardian of contracts, prisons and rules. His names is whispered when forging chains and alliances alike.

Malym, the Heartless

see Malym

Alignment: Evil
Portfolio: Misery, Winter and Undeath.
Exarchs: Amusdias, Rana the Deathworm

Malym hates all living things, and as such, has few mortal worshipers. However, his quasi-dead cultists have become strong in the past and will rise again in the future. Malym spreads winter, misery and disease, seeking to still the movements of the world and bring everything to an icy stillness.

Shaydis, Lady of Chaos

see Shaydis

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Darkness, Snakes, Murder, Vengeance, Chaos, Lust and the Kitchen.
Exarchs: Orgyno, Setothl

Shaydis is the defender of women, the guardian of vengeance-seekers and the mother of darkness. She hates all that Kira is and fights against her. She teaches women to not be submissive to men and to embrace their womanly powers over them. Moreover, she is the lover of chaos and wishes to see the world destroyed.

Other Deity-like Beings


see Cosmos

Alignment: Unaligned

The Cianna

see Cianna

Alignment: Unaligned

The Archæans

see archaeans

Alignment: Unaligned

The Eternal Phoenix

see Eternal Phoenix

Alignment: Good

The Golden Mind

see Golden Mind

Alignment: Evil

The Sublime Song

see Sublime Song

Alignment: Good

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