location in nora
Capital Vindina
Largest City Vindina
Archduchy Val Acqo
Kingdom Canstice
Ruling House House of Etheria
Demonym Deiperi
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Common, Draconic

Deipero is a region in southern Canstice. Most of the region comprises the eastern half of the Cascalavian Peninsula.


Deipero is a dark and dangerous part of Nora. The fall of the Aquarian Empire invited creatures of fell origin into the lands and they now war with themselves. Humans cities are few, but strong.

The northern area is known as Riven.


War with Brehr


Valley of Ruins

A long valley of ancient Aquarian cities, now inhabited with Medusas and their basilisk pets.


  • Blanc: A corrupt city.
  • Boscosa: Within a sacred forest. Site of the death of a famous and important general.
  • Nema
  • Oxley: Secretly lorded over by aboleths.
  • Vindina



Bloodgrave Fortress

Built by a former knight of St. Lydia. He soon followed the path of a blackguard and became a robber-baron. This castle still has his vast treasures, but some say that blackguard now roams the halls as a deathknight.

Darkgrymm Keep

The lair of Umbaratris, a shadow wyrm. She ravages the nearby countryside and spreads misery in her wake. Kuo-toas are in her employ.


Said to be the home of the ancient Aquarian Gods.

Obsidian Hall

This site is ruled by fire giants and their drow allies. It is lorded over by the fire giant King Snurre. Also, a red dragon is said to reside here as well. The drow here are lead by the evil and beautiful Ard Valice.

Sesparti Springs

Wondrous hot springs what can cure any disease and, some say, even bring the dead back to life.


see sophosium

Once the center of Aquaria, now overrun with undead.


Kuo-toa on the shore of the Bay of Talons
Medusas in the south half.
Minotaurs on the shores.
Aboleths near Oxley.
Fire Giants in the south half.
Undead in Sofia and the hills outside.
Basilisks in the south.
Chimeras near Sofia and Oxley.
Manticores in the very south
Sea Cats on the eastern shores.

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