Deathsong Plague Saga

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The Deathsong Plague Saga is set two years after the onset of the Deathsong Plague in 879 NS. Ilefain is falling apart as the population decreases and hope is abandoned. Crime becomes rampant and behind it all is some shadowy intelligence pulling the strings.

The Accord of Lindem is prepared to grit their teeth on the world and live on while the world waits to die.

The First Seal

The Eigen is Discovered

Nancaster's doors were closed due to the plague. The white X painted on its gate. Those who sought to reach the town by night had to journey on. Four such travelers did so despite the brewing storm. It did not take long for the storm to fully engulf them and it seemed it might have carried them away. They saw the lantern lights of a tower off in the distance and hurried ahead, only to be greeted by a pack of ravenous plague-wolves. The wolves were defeated thanks to a dwarf who came from the tower to join the fight, though the eladrin, Allcallorred Savalas Uvan, received grievous wounds.

After the group came out of the storm and into the tower, they introduced themselves. Quandary the Kidan, Quil the mage, Torinn the cleric of the Church of Light and their rescuer, Strom Nachtfalter, son of Schwartz. Also in the room was a lady, whom Strom called Lady Trinette. It came to light that Strom was the son of Schwartz Nachtfalter, late clanfather and keeper of Lindem, a town that had fallen to bullywugs two years prior. Strom shared news that several days ago, an event occurred where several falling stars fell to earth. This event coincided with a dwarven prophecy of objects of great power. Reports say one of these stars fell in the walls of Lindem. He was going to retrieve it or die. The others agreed to help him accomplish this task and signed a contract detailing their mission. Thus the Accord of Lindem was forged.

They traveled to Lindem on the next day and drew a plan to infiltrate the town, but ran afoul of bullywug scouts. The scouts were dealt with quietly and the accord was able to enter into the north of town. They rested in the burnt husk that once was Stonefloor Inn.

After the rest, Quandry investigated the nearby stabels and saw it full of wolves and other beasts. Allcallared joned her and the both saw two sentires playing with a dead squirell at the base of the stairs. They went back and got the others. Quandry and Torinn took out one and Quil tried to take anotjher, biut Allcallored's arrow caught his shovel and so Strom took out the other.

They traveled further and on a boardwalk, Strom and Torinn fell through the walk and was attacked by swarming rats and two bullywugs. They dispatched the foes and Torinn saw the husk of the church of light and went to investigate. Inside they saw a basin of holy water and Quandry saw a man running away and she chased after him.

They discovered Hugon, who was screaming and paranoid. Torinn clamed him down and they began talking. Hugon explained the existence of the "Branders"; a group of humans torturing the bullywugs. Also the prescence of kobolds in the town. Torinn noticed an unidentified malady on Huigon. Soon, he grabbed Quandry and began screaming at her to run just before he began to change into a wererat. Soon, the place was invaded by bullywugs and the heroes had to fight off the frogmen as well as the wererat, but were able to take him alive, but unconsious. They decided to rest, but Torinn noticed their bite wounds were infected with filth fever.

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