Deathkeep is a traveling tower, home to the lich Fauk Rendseur. The black tower has five stories and is surrounded by a moat of iron spikes. Deathkeep has no static location and travels as Lord Rendseur wills it.

Deathkeep extends twelve stories underneath. The bottom floor is dedicated to living quarters of Rendseur while the rest of the eleven floors are fatal traps that detour unwanted visitors. Of course there is a way to bypass the traps by going into the top floor of the tower and stepping into the mirror, but this only works for Fauk and anyone he instructs the mirror to allow inside.

Deathkeep was originally built by slaves whipped by servants that belonged to the payroll of the mortal Fauk Rendseur.





Hand of the Drow

Located just beyond the Trollwall of Straft.

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