Deadcrow Clan
Deadcrow Clan
Type Orc clan
Leader Durnn, formerly
Alignment CE
Headquarters The Fellwood
Goals ?
Scope Tribe
Structure Tribal
Members Orcs

Deadcrow Clan is a clan of orcs living in the Fellwood.

They decorate themselves with white ash, spreading their fingers like the feathers of a crow's wing. They are rumored to be cannibals and necromancers.

Deadcrows have blood rites and use blood magic. They eat carrion. They eat the fallen after their battles.


The Gulthias Tree

see Tales from the Drunken Druid

In 1351 NS, the druid Belak unsealed the lower catacombs of Caer Teithio long sealed away and discovered the tomb of the vampire Dyne. From her coffin, an evil tree with a malevolent intelligence and a hunger for blood grew. This was the Gulthias Tree and the druid Belak reluctantly came under its service. Belak allowed the orcs to dwell in the citadel if they sold the apples of the Gulthias Tree to the local population. The orcs were all to happy to name their own price as the reputation of the apple grew and more gold was gained.

In 1363, a day after a gulthias apple was sold in Freeburg, adventurers entered Caer Teithio and slaughtered most of the orc population within. Gaath, the wife of Khagan Durnn and shaman of the clan, met with Aeron Jun Brynmor, one of the adventurers, as they rested. She offered a bargain where the adventurers would refrain from slaying any orc children and in return, she would not stand in their way against the khagan. Aeron accepted and the khagan was slain. The adventurers also destroyed the Gulthias tree before leaving the citadel.

Vampire Hunt



Known Members

  • Khagan Durnn
  • Gaath
  • Foulselrid
  • Ildefan
  • Badwilath
  • Vyelthilaun
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