The Deacon Grant Incident

The Deacon Grant Incident is a Minor Saga that took place in and around Temple in the fall of 1374.

Unsealing of the Tomb of the Shattered Sword

Deacon Grant of the Church of Light committed suicide by hanging, but not before sending a key to Sister Penance, a contemporary of his, earlier that morning. Penance was deeply hurt by Grant's suicide and she, teamed with Aldaron the eladrin, Valtyr the spellsword and the tiefling Devis, decided to investigate further at the behest of the honorable Bishop Farris.

Deacon Grant was a zenmushor, or crypt keeper, for the Tomb of the Shattered Sword located under the deacon's own house and had lived the last several months of his life holed up there. The investigators entered the tomb, bypassing the divine runes that safeguard the doors and met with a gargoyle guarding the relics inside. The gargoyle spoke of Grant investigating Gillam, a village north across the Spearhead Bay. Gillam was deserted strangely and the only one left being a young boy holding a golden apple. Grant became aware that some force was after the apple and asked the gargoyle to hide it from the aggressors. Sister Penance gave the gargoyle the deacon's key which prompted him to tell them the location of the apple; the kuo-toa city, Icthlixn.


The investigators sailed from Temple to Gillam to look for further clues. The village was still abandoned and in a state of great disrepair. They found a ledger in the church telling the tale of how a local boy, Kylin Strongbrow, found a golden apple when helping to dig a town well. Soon, villagers began seeing far off flames at night and feeling uneasy as if being watched.

Whatever took the town did so quickly and efficiently.

Icthlixn, the Dead

Up the western coast from Temple is the ruined city of the kuo-toa. The city was covered in two feet of water located only 500 feet offshore. The investigators walked into the strange and empty city waiting for an ambush that never came. They made their way into the central temple and inside, found a safe of human construction. They bypassed the lock and opened it to see the only contents; a golden apple.

Angelicide in Rutilev Cathedral

When the four of them returned to Temple, they were told Bishop Farris was waiting for them inside Rutilev Cathedral. They went to the bishop and gave him the apple, but it was his apprentice, Valory, who took the role of villain by slaying the bishop and taking the apple for herself. She cast off her human form and took one of a shining angel with a great silver trumpet.

She explained that the apple was a treasure of Holy Seicania and not fit for the mortal realm. For their part in this play of mortal arrogance, the investigators are to be put to death. Though the angel fought, she was defeated by the mortals and exploded into light; sent to her home to be judged by Verai Songbird.

The golden apple was to remain in Temple, an honored and guarded treasure. The investigators were congratulated by Maxem the Mariner and awarded boons.

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