Dark Empire

The Dark Empire is the colloquial name for the empire created by Elknor the Wretched between 150 PI and 1 PI. The state saw itself as the successors of the Aquarian Empire, though ignored its more liberal statutes.

The Empire was dismantled and reformed into the Allied Kingdoms of Nora by the League of Free Peoples in 1 NS.


Legendary Beginnings

Rise to Power (184 - 129 PI)

The Arietis War

Early Defeats

Chancellor Dargan Teren

see Dargan Teren

Twilight Wars (128 - 33 PI)

Fall of the Empire

Rearmament and new alliances (32 - 9 PI)

War Against the Darkness (8 - 1 PI)


Administrative Regions



The Night Kings

  • Miranda Blackhorn: Sword of Shadow
  • Sorcerer of Shadow
  • Priest of Shadow
  • Wrath of Shadow: A shadow dragon. Called Nioffanr by the elves. Meaning Doom of Tir'Ein.

Order of Shadow

Legates lead the church as high priests. Almost exclusively human.


Leaders of the districts.

Traitor Princes

Noble houses no longer have political power, but are still rich and influential.

Orc Warlords


Magic is outlawed
Weapons are outlawed
Reading is outlawed
Fey blood is outlawed
Worship of non-evil deities is outlawed


Elite troops of Udaeoi warriors.

Svirneblin were created for use as scouts and spies.

Tiefling orders of Hellknights are born.

Anti-demihuman policy

Tieflings are a notable exception to this.

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