Daith Cara

The Daith Cara is an eladrin crafted wingship commanded by Captain Lief Cornwall.


Captain Lief Cornwall

Human rogue
Tall, well toned caucasion. Long Red Hair and clean shaven. Typical adventuring outfit. Around 35

Anarach "Treesong" Crannamhrán Ereian

- First Mate
Eladrin Ranger (Chaotic Good)
Blue haired eladrin. Very handsome. Noble clothes. From Eiledomhan.

Reginald Temperton

- Navigator
Wereraven Druid (Chaotic Neutral)
Thin, tall caucasion. Short Black hair, black noble clothes. Two ravens always with him. Early 20's.

Jun Yoon

Human Monk (Lawful Neutral)
Shirtless oriental. Animal hide pants. Tattoos. Has qu for hairstyle

Sar Ki-Iel

Yuan Ti Wizardress (Lawful Evil)
Snakelike female. Very Beautiful in her own way. VERY Long black hair. Chun-Li outfit.

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