"I am Daemon. I am not an entity, I am a time. My time is now." - Daemon

Daemon is a powerful being; the self-styled Demon Princess of Time, and sometimes known as the entity Entropy. Her outward appearance is of a young girl with a thin crown. She was encountered by Ke'Vadar and his allies in an alternate future where the demoness had taken over Nora and dominated the wills of all living there.


Quintessient Prison

Alternate Timeline

Daemon Rising

Battle in the Master Clock

Daemon's headquarters, Master Clock, sat on a huge span of dirgeland.


Daemon held in a
temporal chrysalis.

Temporal Control

Mind Control

Daemon still alive?

It is possible that since she was destroyed in an alternate future, she is still alive. However, being a creature of time, she either was finally destroyed by Ail, or could never be destroyed within any timeline.

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