Cyclone Spin
Cyclone Spin
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Home ?
Alias(es) Stripes
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Pony
Gender Female
Coat Color Grey
Hair Color Red and white
Eye Color Sky blue
Cutie Mark Black Tornado
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation Valet
Loyalty Altam the Manyseller

Cyclone Spin is a pegasus pony who often accompanies (accom-ponies?) Altam the Manyseller by pulling his cart either along the road or through the sky.


Appearance and personality

Cyclone Spin is bright, cheerful, direct and confident, smart. She is enthusiastic, but sometimes takes her enthusiasm too far and can be bossy at times. However, over time, she can admit to her mistakes and is not too proud to apologize. She is kind and caring to her friends, sometimes showing a gentler side to her usually assertive personality.

Cyclone Spin is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of others. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. She is shown to be easily annoyed.

Cyclone Spin is generally quiet and solitary when her friends aren't around, but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. Despite her reserved personality Cyclone Spin has shown to have very little modesty and an unusual view on the concept in general.

Cyclone Spin has proven to be gullible at times.

It was shown that Cyclone Spin can't hold her liquor. While drunk, she acts very aggressive towards others. She also seems to have a problem recognizing people while being drunk.

Although Cyclone Spin is usually confident in herself, she can be extremely sensitive when someone scorns her abilities, and she often falls into a depression and questions on how weak she is. Cyclone Spin describes herself as someone who was always crying, since she wasn't able to protect those dear to her. She has high expectations of herself. She idolizes her mother and as a result dislikes her disloyal father.

This may be the reason why she is very competitive, and is determine to prove herself to the others of her strength. Likewise, she is also easily flattered. Nevertheless, she still fights with all of her strength and furiously attacks anyone who hurts her friends.

Cyclone Spin has a strong sense of justice. She is very chivalrous, stating that she enacts justice on men who abuse or treat women badly. Cyclone Spin is shown to be a very protective person. Her willing to help is not limited to her friends, as she will stop to help out or encourage even strangers that she finds are having a hard time. She will not hesitate to do anything to help her friends, although she also will also not hesitate to put them in line if they do something inappropriate. She is mostly known for her courage, and she is willing to throw herself at any enemy, no matter how strong they are, and she also retains a cool demeanor when enemies try to intimidate her.

In battle, her determination knows no bounds, and she faces an enemy no matter how strong they are. She also displays an almost frightening ferocity and drive in battle, not afraid of kicking her opponents directly in the face (which she does quite often).

Cyclone Spin is left-handed.

Powers and abilities

Highly maneuverable flight

Weather manipulation

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