Curse of the Crimson Throne

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The Curse of the Crimson Throne is a saga set in the city of Los Torres in Salvatore in 1377 NS.

It is dungeon mastered by Don Frank.

The Edge of Anarchy

Gaedren Lamm's Last Breath

One by one, persons of interest began to gather at the apartment of the maiden Zellara. She thanked them all for agreeing to meet at the location and informed them that she knew the current location of the evil Gaedren Lamm. The same Gaedren Lamm that sold Lydda Corardent into slavery, nearly causing her younger brother, Frederico Corardent, his sanity trying to find her. Who stole the eye of the hodun Kojo Raventide. The same Gaedren who's demise was the last wish of a dying duelist, lost to the Man with No Name. A wish the mysterious stranger wished to see fulfilled.

Zellara informed them that her ancestral Harrow Deck was stolen by the man and would see it returned to her. All four agreed to do this for her and went off to the old fishery where the low life was to be found. There, they fought his henchmen and a pet shark. The four found him attempting to escape, but he could not get away and was shot to his death by the Man with No Name.

The four looked around the room for Zellara's harrow deck and was shocked when Variel pulled a severed head from a hat box; a head belonging to Zellara herself, died a fortnight past. They found her cards along with a golden brooch and returned to her apartment. Zellara's apparition thanked them for their kindness and gave them ownership of the cards as a reward. Her spirit then fled into the deck and became silent.

The Arrest of Verik Vancaskerkin

Variel saw the golden brooch found in Gaedren's den was very valuable and when attempting to sell it, found that no merchant would buy it as it belonged to the Archduchess. The Man with No Name thought to take it back to the archduchess, an act so amusing to Frederico that he came along to see if the stranger would be arrested for suspicion. Lydda decided to join and Variel as well.

When they left for the White Towers the nest day, they found the entire city tearing itself apart in a massive riot. After fighting their way through imps and pseudodragons, the four came to the steps to the White Towers, guarded by Clockwork Knights. The Man with No Name showed the captain the brooch and the four of them were escorted into the towers. There, they were introduced to the Archduchess's seneschal, Sabina Merrin. Sabina took them through massive red doors guarded by three sets of guards and into the throne room where Ileosa of Arcamino sat, veiled in mourning.

The Archduchess thanked the four for retrieving the brooch and asked a favor of them; that they help the guards during this trying time. The four agreed and traveled to Citadel Artephius and met Field Marshal Cressida Kroft. Kroft asked the four to travel to Northgate to apprehend Verik Vancaskerkin, a rogue guard using the riot to create his own gang. The four volunteers went to the meat shop used by Vancaskerkin and dispatched his allies before arresting him.

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