Crimson Towers
The Crimson Towers
Location Topicca, Erdrafos, Canstice
Affiliation Council of Nine
Construction ?-?
Creator Epsilon
Associated Figures Yrag Greyhawk, cel

The Crimson Towers is the headquarters of the Council of Nine.



Commissioned by Arlys Genévrier.


Hedge maze

Created by former master of enchantment. Is a dungeon of sorts, filled with traps and monsters.

The earthmote

Artificial, powered by arcane engine.

The courtyard

The towers

Bigger towers go to most senior members, save the highest tower, which is always the seat of the Mordenkainen.

Towers staff

  • cel (Janitor / steward): Cellar, for short, a mysterious figure who appears as a young man with a wool cap.
  • apprentices
  • homonculi: most menial tasks done in the towers are performed by the homonculi of the towers.
  • servants
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