Council of Nine
The Council of Nine
Type Magical
Current Mordenkainen Felix Richter
Alignment Neutral
Headquarters The crimson-towers
Goals To spread and protect
magic while policing
those who abuse it
Scope International
Structure Council
Members 9

The Council of Nine is a collection of the greatest users of arcane magic of the current age. The first council was called by Vancil, the original Mordenkainen. The members of the council are called archmagi. While other wizards take the title of archmage, they technicaly are taking on the role of a magister, which is an arcanist in charge of local magical law.

The Council only bands together to quell a threat to magic or to reality itself. The current headquarters of the council is the crimson-towers located in eastern Canstice.

Members of the council wear the Robes of the Archmagi.


Vancil the Great

The Council of Nine was founded by Vancil the Great and his eight pupils.


The council was again realized by Arlys Genévrier, choosing to make the center of this group in Canstice instead of Ilefain to avoid favoritism.

  • Arlys Genévrier; Mordenkainen
  • M CE Dwarf, Master of Abjuration
  • F CN Half elf, Mistress of Conjuration
  • M LG Half elf, Master of Divination
  • M LE Aventi, Master of Enchantment
  • F LN Human, Mistress of Evocation
  • M CG Tiefling, Master of Illusion
  • F N Dragonborn, Mistress of Necromancy
  • F NE Elf, Mistress of Transmutation

The Mad Mordenkainen

During the Second Hellgate War.

Severing War

Ke'Vadar gathers the Council

see The Council of Nine Saga

1373, Ke'Vadar gathered the Council as part of a scheme by Yrag Greyhawk to induct Ke'Vadar as a member. This event also coincided with the Battle Against the Elder of Annihilation.

Return of the Council

see The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

1378 was the first time in five years that all nine members were able to have conclave.


All member of the Council take an oath of non allegiance to any political body and must remain neutral in all matters of state. Members who are noble may remain patrons of their family's house, but cannot hold office or take on a title that denotes service.

The Council's mission is to strengthen the study and use of magic for the benefit of society.

  • Identify and address major issues of importance to magic and society.
  • Facilitate interaction amongst arcanists across all disciplines and from all countries.
  • Promote the participation of all arcanists—regardless of race, citizenship, language, political stance, or gender—in the international endeavour.
  • Provide independent, authoritative advice to stimulate constructive dialogue between the magical community, governments and civil society.

Unseen Court

The council are authorized to try a criminal if the accused is under the allegiance of the Council, or committed a crime that is magical in nature and is clearly above the ability of the kingdoms to try, or is not a citizen of any of the Allied Kingdoms and is a spellcaster either by nature or profession.

Unlike the courts of Nora, the Unseen Court allows magic to be used as evidence, including divination spells.

Nine Sentinels

In order to police themselves, the council created nine golems (or stone colossi), each tied to a specific master. If need be, the golem can be activated to hunt down and destroy the master.

There are a number of ways these sentinels can be activated:

  • Vote
  • Sacrifice
  • Avatar activation


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Current members of the Council of Nine:
Kylie the Just, Tempest, Ke'Vadar,
Balbaroy, Felix Richter, Andreu es'Ornelos,
Asamed, Dijanzi d'Obari and Rojio the Cheater

Current archmagi

Notable past members

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