Corran d'Garron
Corran d'Garron
Biographical Information
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Title(s) Prince of Erywnn
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
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Family Information
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Prince Corran d'Garron takes after his father, King Saerus d'Garron. He is the brother of Prince Hamlet d'Garron, four years his younger. He is often criticized for having a close relationship with the members of House Sollyn.

Corran was shorter than his brother Hamlet, and his expressions were far less readable. While not as handsome as Hamlet he still possessed a rugged masculine look. Corran watched the escapades of his brother with an amused eye, living vicariously through his brother's deeds. Because of not being as eloquent as Hamlet many thought he was a slow thick-set youth. This led many to underestimate the man both on and off the field of battle.


Early life


He was the squire of Lodor Sollyn.

He found an enemy in the form of Lodor's cousin, Aldis Sollyn. Corran beleives Aldis murdered Corran's first betrothed after the first night he met her, though he has no proof.


He stayed often with House d'Remaan and had a close, but tense relationship with House Sollyn.

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