location in nora
Capital Castle Parch
Largest City Jaress
Archduchy Leuvéne
Kingdom Ilefain
Ruling House Second House of Therosin
Demonym Coranthian
Formation ?
Joined Allied Kingdoms ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Common, Elven,

Coranthe is a region in Ilefain. Coranthe is relatively safe and stable. Its hills are green and pastoral, its meadows fertile and its soil rich.


was an aquarian province

ring of the nibelung (early age of kings)

Kingdom of Canstice; Founder - King Theodor I.

civil war between the dukes of coranthe

Henri Paul du'Lac was a king of Coranthe from 351 - 329 PI during the Four Brothers Era.

Sinemar - last great king of Coranthe

was conqured at the end of the four brothers era by Erwynn to create Ilefain

Geography and climate

Astrid's dagger

- 3,000 feet

Dragon Mountain

Lost Desert

Home to the Witch of the Wastes.

Gloomshine Forest

see Gloomshine Forest

Inside the Gloomshine Forest - bandit camps, a mehir circle, a dark overgrown forest, spiders with a very unique poison

Achray Forest

Hidden Shrine of Camazotz.


Glamour River (north) and Brassfire River (south)

Seneshan River (n) and Bannoch River (s), the rivers of Achray Forest.


Chanterey County

Southern part of Coranthe, north of the Brassfire River.

Corwynn County

East of the Gloomshine

Marcheon County

West of Jaress, covering the areas of the Savage Coast.

Vermillion County

North Western Coranthe

Fauna and Flora

Orcs (along the Aerbs)
Gnolls (in the lowlands, but not in the Gloomshine)
Harpy (southern shore)
Ogre (hills)
Naga (southern shore)
Spider Creatures (In Gloomshine and hills)
Athachs (in hills)
Bullette (in hills)
Derro (south-east)
Liondrake (south)
Mironel (Gloomshine)
Krenshar (west)
Locathah (shore) (antagonistic)
Owlbear (west)
Spider Eater (Gloomshine)
Trick Sparrow

Major Settlements

each major city has a unique triumph arch over its main gate.

  • Abens (Small Town): hills town, near river, home to noble family, notable for its actors, home to a paladin seeking those to help him rid the region of the influence of the Nightsong.
  • Axer (Small City): mage town, clock tower, river port, "City of History",
  • Cantor (Village)
  • Castle Parch (Metropolis): grand castle, cemetary, gardens, vineyards, crime ridden, midnight circus
  • Conas Arch (Large Town): Known for hospitality for feyfolk. Eladrin, elves, gnomes and such.
  • Delwood (Village)
  • Deva Arch (Large City): crossroads city, underground crypt, palace, horse race track, known for its unique food
  • Dowby (Small Town): River town
  • Eldwar (Large Town)
  • Erls (Large Town): city, former warrior gym city of aquaria, necropolis, dark obelisk, heavy death theme
  • Farwalk (Small City)
  • Highwall (Village)
  • Hopefire (Village): a rising settlement of phoelarch building upon old aquarian ruins, problems with goblins
  • Jaress (Megopolis)
  • kilbride (Large Town): History of violence and murder.
  • Kypass (Small Town): Town on top of the hills.
  • Lasby (Large Town)
  • Maiad (Small Town): founded during aquaria, was conquered by brehr at one point, southern city, home to a ranger seeking to drive out the Derro.
  • Midons (Large Town)
  • Nysgod (Village): tribal elven settlement
  • Timmons (Small City)


ruled in part by the Nightsong, a group of profiteers

beef, cheese and wine

three classic laws


Maddening Den

- A site of shi'imti ruins taken over by Derro and their experiments of soul magic has driven the spirits of the place insane. Allips and mad spirits abound, but the Derro are not leaving so easily.

The Verdant Choir

A collection of old trees that sometimes sing of old events are guarded by a green wyrm. However, a scheming iron dragon seeks to claim the territory from her.

Holdtop Keep

- old ruins of a age of kings castle (west)


- Un-Agands, an orc warlord, has strangely allied with a tribe of goblins. He is slowly building an army of the two peoples, but he must act quickly before the infighting makes them destroy themselves.

Shadowdeep Fortress

- a cult of demon worshipers in the region. they are being lead from this old fortress. home to half fiend men and it is rumored to be home to a elder tanar'ri. The leader of this cult is a fiendish eladrin.

Darkblade Tower

- an ancient tower, also taken over by the demon cult. it is inhabited by demonic warlocks and headed by a hezrou.

Ravenwing House

The ancestral home of the House of Ravenwing, secretly (perhaps not so secretly) the lords of the Nightsong.

Doomspire Rock

Doomspire Rock

Home of blue dragon


Shi'imti ruins filled with gnolls

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