Convention of All Nations

“There is a sickness in the land this year. Not the same sickness that is currently threatening every free man, but a more subtle danger. This sickness is known as Apathy. Apathy for your neighbor’s welfare. Apathy for you son’s happiness and your mother’s health. We have spent countless years fighting with each other that the forces of evil rose and conquered with boundless ease. This petty squabbling between nations and houses will be the doom of our kingdoms. Only through trust, appreciation and brotherhood can the fallen houses prosper and live in peace. My stance is well known to all, and I pray that the great kings listen to my words and lay down their shields. Lay down your swords. Rest your armor and embrace each other in kindness.” - alexander

The Convention of All Nations was a conference of Noran state leaders chaired by alexander and held in Ildrad Zinthys in Florven, 1 PI. Its objective was the creation of the League of Free Peoples, the formation of allied forces against the Dark Empire and settle many issues arising between nations. The Convention's "Final Act" was signed twelve days before the Battle Against the Black City.

The Convention was the first occasion in history where on a continental scale people came together in place to hammer out a treaty, instead of relying mostly on messengers and messages between the several capitals.



Nation Representative Sovereign
Canstice cell-content Beuroi of Flute
Tir’Éin cell-content Aramil Brenin

The Course of the Convention

Final Act

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