The Archmages Saga: Conjuration

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The Archmage's Saga: Conjuration is a saga that takes place in Los Torres, Salvatore, Ilefain during the fall of 1373 NS. It tells the tale of a group of breachers in a Breaching Festival and their discovery of the dark truth behind the contest.

Behemoth Rampage

The winters in Los Torres are much warmer than in other parts of Nora, and it was on such a day that the city was abuzz with the upcoming Breaching Festival. Many visitors were in the city that day, and some of those visitors were within Ferdemonio Plaza in North Point when three fiendish behemoths suddenly appeared. As the plaza crowd began to flee, famed adventurer and monster hunter, Antoine d'Moreau aimed his bow and began to harry the beasts. At this time, the mysterious mechanical creature Stitch, and the dark traveler Amidio also joined the battle. Some casualties occurred until the legendary swordsman Daevon Ivir fell one of the beasts in a single stroke of his blade. As the warriors fought, words of inspiration and courage were being hailed from a balcony. These were the words of the masked scholar, Malareth the Ebon Watcher. Due to the efforts of these powerful individuals, the behemoths were put down quickly, and they melted away back to the plane from whence they came.

Malareth had spotted the summoner of the creatures during the battle and allowed him to step forward. The conjurer introduced himself to the five as Andreu es'Orñelos, nephew of Tophas es’Orñelos-Mirez, archmage of Los Torres. Andreu complimented their battle prowess and told them they were perfect for a job of great interest to both House es'Orñelos and to the archduchy itself. Stitch took great offense to the summoner's callous disregard for the lives of the citizenry and vowed to bring him to justice. Daevon Ivir, merely asked to speak with his uncle as that was his purpose in coming to the city. Andreu promised all their requests, but only after they spoke with his client. They all agreed.

They teleported south west into the Heights to the teleportation circle outside the Compass Society Lodge on the Great Circle. There, Andreu introduced them to Tulisa Sentecore, curator of the lodge. Tulisa told the group about an expedition at a newly discovered shi'imti ziggurat to the north in the Cinderlands. The expedition had unearthed many valuable shi'imti artifacts, but after sending back a status report two days ago, communication has ceased. Since the area is known to be highly dangerous, the Compass Society has asked House es’Orñelos, the funders of the dig, to hire capable men to investigate. They agreed to help, if only to help the missing antiquarians. Tulisa gave them the last status report which contained an inventory of the items discovered. She told them any items recovered would be appreciated, but one item was a must in order to receive full payment; a mask of diamonds.

After accepting the mission, Daevon and Stitch insisted they speak with Archmage es’Orñelos. Andreu took them north to the Acadamae, where the archmage serves as headmaster. Inside the walls Andreu was greeted by Seska Materez, an underclassman. She was eager to seek praise from Andreu, but soured when he asked her to tell Headmaster es’Orñelos that they were coming to see him. She ran off and by the time they arrived within the Hall of Summoning, she was visibly culled. Seska told them he was ready.

Inside the office of the Headmaster, Daevon officially checked in with him and reported that he was called in to oversee the security of the Breaching Festival. Afterwards, Stitch told the Headmaster that he was pressing charges on his nephew, Andreu, as a public menace. Archmage es’Orñelos looked to Daevon, who dismissed the charges as an enforcer of the state. Stitch vowed to continue his endeavors.

Aggressive Negotiations

Buy horses.

Explore excavation site

battle with Skull Clan.

The Breaching Festival



Find mother Lavina

Malareth speaks with Marijkal.

They fight the devourer

The office

The library

Chyvoom and the deals; Andreu and Daevon

Hell Breaks Loose

Fight with warmonger devils

Tenser congradulates them

Andreu meets Tarot disguised as a local


Daevon begins his search for the missing Malena es'Andoval

Amidio retires. An assassin is after him.

Malareth becomes the Doomspeaker and attempts to circumvent the Demon Moon.

Andreu draws three cards, Flames (his erinyes companion changes her true-name), Euryale (bestowing a sickly curse onto him) and Skull.

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