Compass Society of World Knowledge
Compass Society of
World Knowledge
Type ?
Leader Henry ab Compass
Alignment N
Headquarters Jaress, Ilefain
Goals ?
Scope Multi-national
Structure ?
Members ?

The Compass Society of World Knowledge headquartered in Jaress, Ilefain, is the largest scientific and educational institution in Nora. It is dedicated to the discovery and preservation of geography, archaeology, natural science and the study of culture and history. The organization is headed by the Compass family with Sir Henry ab Compass as current Master of Operations.


On Sephir 13, 957 NS, 33 explorers and scientists called by Bartholomew Compass gathered at the One Tree Tavern, a reputable tavern then located on Golden Dawn Square in Jaress, to organize "a society for the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge." After preparing a charter and a plan of organization, the Compass Society of World Knowledge was incorporated two weeks later on Sephir 27. Bartholomew became its first president and his son, Graham Compass, eventually succeeded him in 966 following his death.

Arcane Order

A sub society of the Compass Society, is the wizard circle Order of the Wandering Torch. Members are known by wearing a leather gauntlet with an ever-flame burning on the back of the hand.

Lead by Lydiana don Compass, daughter of Henry Compass.


Members of the Order of the Wandering Torch

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