Cold Steel
Cold Steel
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Fort Shatterpoint
Date of Birth 1360 NS
Home Tambelon
Alias(es) None
Title(s) Herald of Tambelon
Physical Description
Race Tambelon Pony (Unicorn)
Gender Male
Coat Color Black
Mane Color Ice Blue
Eye Color Blue
Soul Mark Frozen Shield
Family Information
Family Members Red Arrow
Mountain Stride
Frost Storm (sister)
Silken Flame (sister)
Occupation Herald
Loyalty ?

Cold Steel is a Tambel Pony sorcerer. He is a scion of Tambelon and race seeking support for their war of independence. He excels at ice magic.



Cold Steel is the first son of Red Arrow and Mountain Stride, born as a member of Rime Company, 1st Platoon. He and his siblings and fellow platoon members were stationed at a fortress on the western edge of Tambelon's mountain range the Nuefex Mountains, Fort Shatterpoint. Rime Company was one of several serving under Captain Stonewall, the war leader in command of defending Tambelon's western front. Cold Steel, like many foals of the newly forged nation, had a very brief youth that was in any way carefree. The moment he was old enough to understand speech and pull his own weight he was tested for aptitude. His innate magical ability was quickly discerned, his elemental connection to ice made clear even before his 'soul mark' manifested. His talent channeled him into Rime Company's magic division and his training began immediately.

Early Military

By the time he was ten years old he was considered fully trained and ready for active assignment, which involved defending Fort Shatterpoint from the kobold and ogre clans that occupied the plains to the north of Tambelon's territory. He got his first taste of fighting soon after, and while his ice magic was potent and useful, his stubborn nature caused some difficulty among his squadmates. He did however develop a friendship with a unicorn mare named Light Canter and a pegasus stallion named Dagger Toss. The three survived many battles together, but when Dagger Toss was fatally wounded by a kobold trap, the poison killing him before the team could return to Fort Shatterpoint. Light Canter could not abide this and became obsessed with annihilating the kobold clans, delving into necromancy to do so.

Transfer to Tambelon City

Though Cold Steel was highly concerned with Light Canter's actions, he shared her desire to break the kobold clans, so he allowed her to continue her research. However when he discovered she was expanding her power using the bodies of Tambelon soldiers he confronted her. He was forced to subdue her and turn her over to the company's justice system. Strangely, however, Light Canter vanished from the stockade before her sentencing could be given. By now Cold Steel had displayed enough power and skill that he was offered a chance to transfer to serve one of the Queen-General's Royal Guard Companies in Tambelon City, which he gratefully accepted to get away from home which now had some bad memories.

Royal Guard and Promotion to Herald

In Tambelon City, Cold Steel quickly learned that protecting the capital as a Royal Guard was unfathomably boring in comparison to front line work. However he met his elder sister Frost Storm here, who had gone to join the Royal Guard while he'd still been a foal. The easy going and friendly Frost Storm helped set Cold Steel's mind, still troubled by Light Canter's disappearance, at ease. He made several friends among the Royal Guard, and Queen-General Grandia who was in charge of Tambelon's forming expeditionary forces was seeking ponies to serve as one of the seven intended "Heralds" who would work to secure information and allies for Tambelon across Nora. When Grandia offered Cold Steel the position on Frost Storm's recommendation he accepted.

A Herald to Nora

Cold Steel's initial travels across Ilefain were difficult, as his race caused many to at best see him as highly strange and at worst try to capture him. His magical abilities kept him alive and safe, and his force of personality allowed him to make a few treat him with some respect. He assisted caravans under attack by bandits or villages being raided by monsters. Mostly, though he simply sought news and gathered information of the places he visited, forming a map and growing notebook concerning the lands beyond Tambelon. Information that would be put to use by his superiors back home to better prepare for relations with other lands. Cold Steel traveled east and south, from town to town, never stopping for more than a week at most in any given place before moving on. Until he reached a town called Yorik, which had far more troubles plaguing it than any other place he'd visited…

Rise of the Runelords

Appearance and personality

Cold Steel is very stoic, taking even shocking events with a passive acceptance. He is passionate about his position and his people, always looking for ways to fulfill his duty. He is often restless and constantly seeks out something to occupy his time, even if it is simply exploring his surroundings.

Powers and abilities


Cold Steel is a elemental blooded sorcerer, his bloodline stemming from his mother's side of the family which were predominately unicorns, the progenitor first generation mage bred unicorns given power from being mixed with elemental planetouched. He can cast a variety of spells, but many of them can be potent rays, spheres, or raw blasts of ice. He also has a fondness for debilitating magic that can weaken foes or put them to sleep.

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