Cloakers also called Tenebra Complexors are strange aberrations that are as intelligent as they are evil. Cloakers hunt together in small flocks in Dar-Kunor and have the ability to emit a subsonic moan that can unnerve, frighten, nauseate or put foes into a stupor.

Unbeknownst to some, cloakers are social creatures and have at least one city to their credit. This city, A'Lhuhya is ruled by twelve cloaker lords that can join their bodies together to form an orb of living shadowstuff called a "Conclave of Shadows"; this unity of thought helps them quickly reach consensus in decisions of governance.

Cloakers can grow to great size and power, tainted with the substance of shadow and skilled in dark sorcery. A shadowcloak elder can cast spells, disappear into shadows, and shift to the Shadowvast.

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