Clermont Carol ab Highwind
Clermont Carol ab Highwind
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Conas Arch, Coranthe
Date of Birth 1319 NS
Home Palace of the Lotus
Aliases The Armored Duke
Titles Archduke of Dollan
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Paul Rolf ab Highwind II
(b. 1346)
Lydina don Highwind
(b. 1347)
Sapphire Georgia tir Highwind
(b. 1354)
George Rider Rivers
(b. 1366) (illegitimate)
Johanna Lydina Rivers
(b. 1341) (illegitimate)
Loyalty House of Highwind

Archduke Clermont Carol ab Highwind is the Archduke of Dollan. He is known as the Armored Duke and is respected for his years of service with the Blue Flight Dragoon Knights.

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