Cinzia Hayvan
Cinzia Hayvan
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Firaga, Canstice
Date of Birth 1348 NS
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Tiefling
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Red
Family Information
Family Members House of Hayvan
Occupation Beastmonger
Loyalty ?

Cinzia Hayvan (CHEEN-zee-a) is a tiefling beastmonger. She is the showrunner for "Lady Cinzia's Traveling Menagerie". She is assisted by two scantly-clad half orc males, Bodek and Ziven.

She is a distant member of the House of Hayvan and holds no particular allegiance towards her extended family.


Rise of the Runelords

While passing by Yorik on their way to Rogendig, the menagerie had a mishap near a river. Lady Cinzia discovered later they were missing a golden box of great value. They traveled back to Yorik in order to recover their lost treasure.


She is manipulative and devious. She asserts herself as a notorious flirt.

Lady Cinzia's Traveling Menagerie

The menagerie is small, usually holding around a dozen specimens, including two or three large creatures. The traveling show has been known to hold creatures such as:

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