The Cianna, also known as the arch-fey, are the major powers in the Twilithe. They rule over and love all aspects of life. However, they are immortal and can see the greater importance of life and know how to make sacrifices.

The most powerful of fey spirits are godlike avatars of their chosen aspect of nature. Some are noble eladrin so old and powerful that they have transcended the bounds of mortality, such as Tiandra, the Summer Queen, or the Prince of Frost. Some are the awakened spirits of mighty forests, mountains, or rivers, such as the Green Lord Oran or Scamander, the guardian spirit of the river of the same name. Others are the sentient incarnations of different types of animals, such as the Cat Lord or the Monkey King. A few archfey are fey of other races who have achieved great age and power—for example, the hag Baba Yaga or the satyr prince Hyrsam. Few of these beings are as strong as a deity or even a demon lord, but within their own demesnes, few other entities could hope to best them. Archfey range from kindly to malicious and from compassionate to uncaring. Most are perilous for mortals to deal with, but others find mortal heroes fascinating and sometimes favor them with gifts of power or knowledge. In general, the archfey are absorbed in their own rivalries, intrigues, and old enmities. They work at cross-purposes with each other, although the most powerful archfey govern factions of like-minded fey.

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