Church of Light
Church of Light
Type Religion
Leader The Hierophant
Alignment LG
Headquarters Lux Lucis Templum, Temple
Goals ?
Scope International
Structure ?
Members ?

"Don’t seek to be relevant, or liked, seek to be undeniable. Seek to be compassionate. Seek integrity. Seek humility. Seek Light."
Maxem the Mariner

The Church of Light is the largest spanning religious group in Nora. The church is centralized in Temple and was said to be founded by St. Lydia. The Hierophant, currently Maxem the Mariner, is the leading authority and scholar of the church.

The Church of Light spreads the knowledge and worship of the Twelve Gods. Giving praise to Verai Songbird, Kira, and Dhanni; acknowledging Ornus, Urala, Tala Errin, Damien and Yunis and Helos. And also warning against the temptations and evils of Shaydis, Kalabrath, legeon and Malym.

The church also recognizes a number of saints that have wholly served the wills of the Light in body and soul. St. Lydia was the first and most prolific of this group.


"A single flame creates a brilliant light. A single pen paints meaning. One light leads to another, one candle igniting the next. Letter after letter, word after word, until the world is alight with the illumination of glorious words and pure thoughts."

The church is separated into three main clerical orders; The Avenging Order of Illumination, the Knightly Order of the Iron Spear and the Shining Order of Agapetheon. These three orders are themselves ruled by the Council of Pure Souls. The Council of Pure Souls is then, in turn, overseen by the Hierophant.


The church is headed by the Hierophant. He lives with his family in a palace in Temple, which is protected by the church guard.

Council of Pure Souls

The Council of Pure Souls serve the Hierophant and the church at large. They consist of 27 Cardinals, 9 Judges and 3 Patriarchs, selected from the three orders. They hold court in an inner chamber of the Lux Lucis Templum, which no one else may enter regardless of their military or civilian status.

They serve as a supreme judiciary and legislative organization whose authority puts it in direct control of the church legal system. Their orders are absolute and no decision has been known to be overturned. Crimes committed by a member of the three orders are judged here, regardless of where the crime was committed.

The Three Orders

Knightly Order of the Iron Spear

see Order of the Iron Spear

The Knights of the Iron Spear is the organization which serves as the church's military branch. It is split into ten divisions, with several divisions having certain specializations. The 4th Division is the medical/supply division, the 9th Division is the combat division, and the 3rd Division is the research/scientific division. The 10th Division is in charge of newspaper and magazine-related duties.

Avenging Order of Illumination

see Order of Illumination

The Order of Illumination, also called the Shadowbane Knights, was originally a separate branch of the Knights of the Iron Spear. When Lyfia the Avenger gained prestige within the Iron Spear, the Shadowbane Knights would become a separate Order.

A strike unit under the command of the Court of Pure Souls. Five total divisions handle various missions. Details concerning the Order are classified. If the Knights of the Iron Spear are the exterior guard, the Order of Illumination is an interior, covert guard.

Shining Order of Agapetheon

see Order of Agapetheon

The Order of Agapetheon, known casually as the White Mages, is a separate branch of the church that excels in the study and application of divine understanding. The mission of the White Mages is "To seek complete understanding of the divine, with the knowledge that such goal is impossible."

It takes students from all walks of life and trains them to further their abilities with divine magic.

Leivist Monks


"There will come a time when the Light is all you have, and faith will see you through the darkness."
— Sir Brendan Brightguard

The Lexicon

see Lexicon

All is Light

The Gods are immortal and everlasting

St. Lydia and the sacrament of sainthood


"No matter what you’re going through, you are not alone. The Light is always with you. You might not see it, but you can trust it."




The Epiphany of St. Lydia and the Godwars

Four Brothers Era

The Reign of Elknor the Wretched

Alexander's Reformation

Period of Discovery

Plague and War

During the deathsong plague, Temple closed its doors. The church sent out clerics to investigate the disease called the Silent Seekers.

The Time of Mists


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