Chu Hsi
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Ilefain
Date of Birth 342 PI
Date of Death 1373 NS
(Age 1,716 years)
Home Prestone Manor
Alias(es) Chu Hsi
Soilsiú Sidhe
Title(s) Archmage of Tir'Ein
Master of Divination
Physical Description
Race Mercury Dragon
Gender Male
Hair Color Usually silver
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Unknown
Occupation Wizard
Loyalty Council of Nine
Felis Family
House Prestone
Silvarus's Arcane Mark

"I'm really glad to have known you, Ke'Vadar."
"Are you going somewhere?"
—Chu Hsi and Ke'Vadar share their last words.

Silvarus better known by his Shaoan alias, Chu Hsi (choo ss-ee), or his original sylvan name, Soilsiú Sidhe, as well as his dwarven name Vordenker, was a great wyrm mercury dragon. Throughout his long life, he attributed to many power groups, from royalty to simple neighborhood organizations. He lived out his last years in Prestone Manor, the childhood home of his old friend, Rayne Brenin.

He is best remembered as the Master of Divination in the Council of Nine. Ke'Vadar took over after his death.


Chu Hsi's birth name is Silvarus, a name he knew inherently at birth. In the Turasfyr Arcaenrith, Rayne Brenin refers back to this name as Sylvar, perhaps purposefully obfuscating the name.

Rayne, having read before the danger of others knowing a dragon's true name, gave him a name in sylvan, Soilsiú Sidhe (sol choo shee), roughly meaning Spirit of Light or House of Light.

Upon entering the elven royal household, Silvarus took the elven name, Solas Rhag Chwidr, or Solas Reg Gooder.

Silvarus's best known name comes from his time living in Shao Wei as a traveling philosopher, where they called him Chu Hsi (朱熹).

Vordenker was the name the dwarves gave him when he displayed his gift of prophecy.


Birth and Journeys with Rayne

The half-elf noble Rayne Prestone discovered a single mercury dragon's egg in the plains of Thunder Rift. The egg's slain mother was near by. When Rayne touched the egg, it shimmered and hatched. The wyrmling dragon mewled at the sight of Rayne and before the half-elf's eyes, transformed into a half elf child bearing a strong resemblance to a young Rayne.

Silvarus grew quickly as a child and had a troublesome hunger for metal objects and gems. Rayne continued to keep the wyrmling in humanoid form in his adventures.

Royal Magus of Tir'Ein

When Rayne Prestone was discovered to be the next heir to the throne of Tir'Ein, he and Silvarus traveled to their new home of Aelwyd. Rayne Brenin appointed Silvarus as royal magus. Silvarus took on the elven name Solas and performed his duties as royal magus with an uncharacteristic seriousness.

Silvarus noticed Rayne falling in love with Tilabeth Felis instead of the royal fiancee, Chyn Degg Gwillt. The two argued. Silvarus though Rayne was making the wrong decision, but Rayne was still his master and father. Silvarus took Rayne's old spellbook, the Turasfyr Arcaenrith, and began expanding it and using it as a biographical and historic record of the events around him.


After the death of Rayne Brenin, Tarana Brenin began to remove all vestiges of Rayne's rule and influence from the court. Silvarus was banished from the kingdom.

Battle of the Orb of Darkness

see Echoes of the Sleeping Sun

Shao Wei

Silvarus lived in Shao Wei for many centuries as a revered philosopher and often worshiped as a dragon. His presence in the Dragon Empire made the other rulers nervous that he may try to found a new kingdom or even take over one of their own.

An Tuath and Chernomor

In 1350, Chu Hsi traveled to Siobadh Tur to congratulate the Erlking on the happy return of the eladrin princess Ionuin from her kidnapping at the hands of Chernomor. The Erlking was happy to receive his guest and revealed that Chernomor had been captured and sentenced to serve as the court jester.

Calith Arg and Timothy Loralen

Chu Hsi met Timothy Loralen within Calith Arg in 1356.

Rothirschtal and the Order of the Firebringer

see A River Without Water: Separation and A River Without Water: The Supreme Ordeal

In 1357, Chu Hsi appeared to the children (by the name of Vordenker) Ranita Riverchild, Sangar Zolmir II, Leonid Antonov and Merrium Kraemer after a young Shauna Felis lead them to a cabin within Grosseben Wood. The children had just fled their burning village and witnessed their warden die at the hands of a black angel. He fed the children and offered them rest. The next day, he offered to assist the children in gaining the power needed to avenge their people. The children agreed and Chu Hsi lead them one by one to mentors to lead them to their destinies. Ranita was taken to the spirit Zaghnol, Leonid was given to the ogre Biegolmai, Merrium was given to the wizard Chernomor and Sangar was taken to the traveling minstrel, Timothy Loralen.

Years later, in 1368, Chu Hsi met back up with the quartet inside the lake cave where they have come across a secret chamber that Anton had been using as a hidden study. Chu Hsi explained that Anton was researching a prophesied figure known as the Firebringer. He told them of the four captured spirits and of the Devils of Truth. The next day he left with Shauna in tow and traveled east.

Master of Divination

When the Council of Nine was reformed in 1372 after the Battle of Alexandria, Chu Hsi was brought on by the Mordenkainen as the Master of Divination.

Raid on the Academy

Chu Hsi foresaw violence coming to the Yorik Wizarding Academy and told Otiluke of his visions. Otiluke decided to visit the academy so he could intervene, but wore a disguise on Chu Hsi's advice.


In 1373, Ke'Vadar, Azzel and Neegan Kenafin came to Chu Hsi for his divination expertise in locating a criminal to bring to justice. Chu Hsi pointed them to the demonologist, John Hammundy. When Hammundy was brought back to Prestone Manor, Chu Hsi discreetly teleported him to the House of Grey Veils for justice. Chu Hsi offered his friendship and Prestone Manor as a base of operations of sorts to Ke'Vadar and his companions. He also agreed to attend a reunion of the Council should Ke'Vadar garner the permission of the other members.

Nikki Floren

Also during 1373, Chu Hsi received a visit from Nikki Floren hoping to divine the location of the son of Kira, not realizing that the one she sought lived in that very manor. Chu Hsi assured her a meeting would take place, but in several years time. Nikki thanked the diviner for his assurance and left for her own adventures.

Battle Against the Elder of Annihilation

After the Mordenkainen gave Ke'Vadar the challenge to defeat the Tarrasque, Chu Hsi gave him the Sword of Transition, Khwerebes, a sword meant for his successor.


In the late autumn of 1373, Chu Hsi requested Ke'Vadar meet him in the remote climbs of the Wyrmspires. Chu Hsi spoke with Ke'Vadar and thanked him for the opportunity of their meeting. He then stepped off the mountain top and transformed into his shape as a great wyrm mercury dragon. The wyrm flew to where the land itself was rising to meet him and he merged with the mountains themselves creating a new peak; Mount Farchifald.

Powers and Abilities






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