Cherubs are mischievous angels who spread love and sexual passion to others.

Although abstracted and stylized as a cheerful angelic spirit, the cherub is actually a capricious, mischievous spirit that delights in seeing the chaos caused by acts of lust and love. They are dedicated to spreading love and passion, regardless of whom it effects or the consequences of their actions. For the most part, their efforts are beneficial, though entire communities have gone through chaotic upheaval by the bouts of sexuality inspired by the cherub's arrows.

Cherubs travel often to the material plane, in order to inspire love in others, thus furthering the goals of good and continuing the cycle of life, heavily tempered by a chaotic streak.

A cherub appears as a stunning youth, with an exquisite body and soft facial features. They have white feathered wings.

As creatures of love and passion, cherubs abhor violence and only use it as a last resort. They defend themselves if attacked, but most prefer to flee or use their arrows to cause confusion before departing.

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