Biographical Information
Home The Tower Naraa
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey

Chernomor is a foul tempered dwarven wizard who occasionally deals in villiany and is known for his inability to tell the truth. He is known as Ye Gu-Lao in the lands of Shao-Wei and Al'Bachasinn in al-baraghal.

He flies around on a carpet, kidnaps young maidens, and lives in a tower with a luscious magical garden inside. Many have been known to seek him out for his wisdom, and he has been known on occasion to offer guidance to lost souls, although this is rare.

His lair is the hidden tower Naraa on the banks of Zhelezny River in Sachrunin, Vatharond.


Well-documented facts about Chernomor's personality and personal history are sparse, given his penchant for lying. His childhood and family life are equally mysterious. His parents were most likely fastidious and mildly abusive. He does claim regularly that his great-grandfather was the great dwarven general Nektar Brentrand.

Chernomor speaks Common, Dwarven, Halfling and Elven. He also speaks many languages found outside of Nora.

Chernomor has little duties and spends most of the series harassing the countryside. This is usually in response to a perceived wrong, such as someone disrespecting him. However, his vengences are always out of scale, though are rarely deadly.

Chernomor has shown a softer side on several occasions. He harbors a schoolboy crush on any pretty girl and finds it difficult to be villainous or deceitful around them. He sometimes defends innocents if they are threatened, especially if he considers them "his", and takes inordinate pride in the land.

Chernomor used to be an actor in a company before his world travels. He frequently uses his acting skill to pretend to be other people. He enjoys causing confusion and mayhem from his impersonations.


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Tutelage of Merrium Kraemer

Powers and Abilities

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